What Is e-Pollution

e-Pollution is a Vehicle Pollution Expiry Notification App. Which Auto Reminds When Your Vehicle Pollution is about to Expiry.

Keep You Safe From Challan

Under the implementation of the new Motor Act, the PUC challan rate 2021 is raised staggeringly at Rs 10,000. If you do not hold a valid PUC certificate or your certification has expired, you will be easily booked for a challan amount of Rs 10,000.

Intellegent Notifications

E-Pollution App is starte of the art smart AI based mobile appllication, which keeps track of your pollution check and expiry date and notifiy you when renewal is due. E-Pollution App will ensure you never have to pay Pollution Challan ever again.

Book Appointment

Hiked in fine for not carrying a valid PUC certificate from Rs 1,000 to Rs 10,000. The ten-fold hike had resulted in a sudden rush at the nearly 1,000 PUC centres in Delhi itself. Now Book an Appointment at your nearest pollution check centre from E-Pollution App.

Save Earth

The population of motor vehicles is estimated to hit 1.1 billion in 2020,This rapid growth in the number of vehicles in the world means more gas is combusted, leading to more emissions and increased air pollution. We encourage people to get there vehicle pollution checked to save pollution.

Challan Counter

Challans By Traffic Police
From Year 2016 to 2020

8.1 Lakh
8.6 Lakh
8.1 Lakh
8.2 Lakh
5.1 Lakh


Contact Us

You can Email us for any queries you may have related to E-Pollution App, We tipically reply within 24 Hours.